Horizon Hosted Phone System - What is it?

With clever features and reduced costs that make a difference to the day to day running of your office, a Horizon Hosted Phone System is designed to provide a communications service that, simply put, changes the way you do business.

Using a VOIP Horizon hosted phone system, which means you access your calls through the internet, can help you get a range of savings on areas such as landline rental charges, service and maintenance, and support provision. It also increases the tax efficiency of your business because there are no capital costs involved.

Horizon hosted phone systems provides a comprehensive communications infrastructure for businesses; operating via the web, it can be accessed online and from any device that has Wi-Fi capability such as your smartphone, laptop or tablet. You can opt to use a traditional handset or have all the functionality you need on your desktop, allowing you to take normal calls as well as make video conference calls.

With the Horizon hosted phone system, your business doesn’t need to worry about upfront costs and can benefit from free UK calls for landlines and mobile phones. It is a great way for any company, big or small, to minimise the cost of calls whilst also introducing a fair degree of flexibility that improves staff productivity as your company continues to expand.

Horizon Hosted Phone Systems – Designed to Suit All Businesses

  • If you have a business where staff are often out on site or on the move and need access to a more far reaching and intuitive phone system, then Horizon hosted telephony can provide the solutions you need.
  • If you have a business that operates from multiple sites but need a centralised phone system that works for everyone, then you could benefit from taking advantage of the latest VOIP system. It gives you greater flexibility when it comes to business continuity as you can easily divert calls if there is a problem in one area of your company.
  • The Horizon hosted phone system allows you to offer your customers a more seamless and reliable telephony service which means your staff can transfer queries quickly and easily. You can also monitor and record calls for better staff training from one useful, centralised platform feature.

Hi Tech Horizon Hosted Phone Systems That Keep You Safe

Of course one of the concerns of switching your telephone provision to the internet is how secure it is. Horizon hosted phone systems give you access to free intuitive fraud management systems that enable you to keep your staff and business safe – including setting call limits and call barring for certain numbers. Horizon is also a system that develops as new technology comes onto the market which means that you’ll get the best of all the updates and third party applications to make your telephone system ever more efficient and cost effective.

Many more businesses are now beginning to see the light and outsource their day to day telephony service to save on costs and provide a more flexible system for their staff. The Horizon hosted phone system is comprehensive and easy to use, designed to improve and promote better productivity at a lower cost to your operating budget.