10 Reasons to Choose the Gamma Horizon Phone System

With greater connectivity online, many businesses are starting to outsource their day to day operations, including how they run their telephone system. Being stuck to that old fashioned landline may seem like the right thing to do but switching to a VOIP set up, as with the the Gamma Horizon Phone System, has many benefits that could reduce business running costs and improve productivity.

  1. A Gamma hosted Horizon phone system means you can choose from a range of different handsets to suit your company needs. Not only that you get a great, easy to use desktop interface that means you don’t have to spend valuable time on training up your staff to use the system.
  2. A reliable service lies at the heart of any business choice when you opt to outsource. The Gamma IP network is safe, secure and extremely reliable. And you don’t have to worry what happens when you change over to the new system – it’s easy and practically seamless which means that you’ll hardly notice when the Gamma network takes over.
  3. We use the Broadsoft call controller platform to make your life a whole lot easier. Broadsoft is one of the most reliable platforms out there and handles call control for millions of businesses across the globe. That means your staff will have access to all the latest technology they need.
  4. The Gamma Horizon phone system can handle calls for everything whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large corporation that has more complicated needs like auto routing for callers.
  5. An easy to set up and simple to use administration interface means that your Horizon phone system can be handed over to your IT managers just a few moments after initiation. For your staff there is an extensive range of call handling features that are designed for speed and ease of use which leads to greater productivity.
  6. The Gamma Horizon hosted telephony service allows you to integrate mobile phones and fixed handsets so that you need never miss a call again.
  7. You pay just for what you use which means you can add new staff members when they come on board or take them off when they leave, helping you to keep control of the costs across the board.
  8. You don’t have to worry about those telephone lines going down if there’s a storm or power outage. Because Gamma Horizon works in the cloud, you need never lose a caller or phone message again.
  9. You get a variety of ways for your staff to do business – for instance, sending voice mails and faxes to email that can be picked up anywhere in the world or opting for a softphone interface where you use your tablet or pc to make and accept calls.
  10. There is no line rental charge or upfront costs for hardware and all service and maintenance is included in the initial user rental cost. That means you don’t have to worry about your hardware decreasing in value and, what’s more, you can offset the cost 100% against capital gains tax.

The Gamma Horizon hosted telephony service is the smart way to do smart business, reducing your costs and providing a more flexible and powerful communications system that will improve productivity and make a big difference to how your business performs both now and well into the future.

To get on board with the Gamma Horizon phone system just give us a call today. The Integrated Business Systems experts will be happy to discuss the Horizon phone system options for your business.