Arkinstall Galvanising Adopt IntegratedBSL's Horizon Hosted Telephony

Birmingham Businesses Benefiting From Horizon Hosted Telephony

When Arkinstall Galvanising were looking to relocate from Oldbury to a new location in Birmingham they were met with a problem in that they were moving to a different telephone exchange area, and so couldn’t keep their long established phone numbers, unless they set up complicated and expensive diverts. In addition they had another old office phone number which was already diverting calls to the Oldbury factory, further complicating the issue.

Moving to Horizon hosted telephony overcame this – by moving numbers to IP and the cloud, they can be pointed to any location in the UK (or internationally) with an internet connection. Hence they could keep their phone numbers and do away with the old divert, thereby simplifying the set up and reducing costs of diverts and transferred phone calls.

Signing a three year Horizon hosted telephony contract with us at Integrated Business Systems meant their phone setup costs were free and their monthly bills have since halved from what they used to be paying for a traditional phone system set up.

Horizon hosted telephony allows them to talk to their customers with crystal clear calls and as their needs change, enables a future development path.

Not surprisingly they are delighted with the solution deployed.

Image – This is the amazing steel fabrication which forms part of the archway to the entrance of the £10 million Cribbs Causeway leisure complex near Bristol, was galvanized by Arkinstall Galvanizing. The arch spans thirty metres, is twenty metres high and weighs twenty one tonnes. It comprises six twin beamed and braced segments which are pinned together at the ends and stabilised with an internal bracing tie rod system.