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" In this section you will find short articles written by clients who employed us to solve their business communication needs and issues. They detail the business situation faced, the business solutions we provided and the unexpected, additional benefits their business gained."

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Communication Solutions for EducationEducation:
Todays education systems must prove that they can provide the best education for students whilst ensuring the safety of all. Schools now rely on robust communication systems to meet current and future escalating communication needs. We offer scalable and reliable Unified Communication Systems for campuses irrespective of size.
Case Study Stratford upon Avon School

Communication Solutions for HealthCare Health Care:
The health care sector is changing rapidly in response to new goverment mandates. Increased service demands also have placed extra stress on an already stretched service. Our dedicated team understands the daily pressures healthcare administrators face. We bring essential knowledge and expertise to streamline and unify your organisations commmunications.
Case Study Latham House

Unified Communications for BusinessMedium Business:
Businesses irrespective of size need advanced and robust communication systems to ensure they never miss an order. Unified communication systems also ensure that important customers. SMEs have been core to our business for many years hence our account managers are very experienced in providing all sizes of business develop their communication systems to meet their requirements.
Case Study Relocating Business

Maintenance Contracts - Phone Systems and LinesEnterprise Maintenance & Support:
When you invest in an advanced Communication System you need to be sure that it is well supported and maintained as this ensures continous functionality. Our Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco certified engineers support all business and organisations irrespective of size or number of users, and help them with all the issues they may have, with all their digital documentation including PDFs that can be convert to images using software from sites as
Case Study New Charter Housing Trust

Communication Solutions for Not-for-profit OrganisationsNot-for-Profit Organisations and Business:
The Not-for-Profit sector must be cost-effective when upgrading communication systems and data networks. You need a trustworthy company who pride themselves on saving clients money. We can quickly audit and reprogram your system to ensure unused lines are removed and the system is fit for purpose.
Case Study Airport Coordination