Horizon Telephone Systems - 9 Benefits

Whether you are a dynamic, growing business that wants a better, more intuitive communications system or a company that just wants to improve customer contact, Horizon telephone systems could provide the solution for your needs. Changing to a VOIP telephone provision that uses the internet rather than old fashioned landlines has the potential to change the way your staff communicate with each other and, more importantly, your customers.

The Benefits

1. Horizon telephone systems allow your staff to operate communications on a number of devices, from state-of-the-art handsets to desktop platforms that allow users to access calls and contact the office on any Wi-Fi enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.
2. Introducing more flexibility into the way you handle calls on a daily basis can help improve productivity. For instance, call messages no longer need to be left on one particular handset but can be sent via email to the intended recipient using a .wav audio file.
3. Faxes can also be sent to email which means you can help cut down on the cost of paper that a normal fax machine uses and staff will also be able to access valuable information and calls whilst on the move, even half way round the world.
4. Horizon telephone systems uses the popular Broadsoft call controller platform which is used by millions of businesses worldwide who opt for a VOIP provision. The interface is easy to use and has probably the biggest selection of features you could want in a call control interface.
5. If you are opting for a reliable hosting system you want your choice of top of the range traditional handsets and with Horizon telephone systems you get to choose the best from a wide selection of manufacturers.
6. You get an on demand service that holds no hidden costs that might impact on your business budget – you pay a set rental fee for each user and when you don’t need it you just remove that user from your list, reducing your overall bill.
7. The cost comes down when you start doing business over the internet using VOIP telephony – you get free site to site calls and cheaper call rates which means you’ll be paying less for the Horizon telephone systems than you would on a traditional landline provision.
8. You don’t have to worry about your telephone numbers either – so if you relocate then you can take them with you, even it’s to the other side of the country.
9. The Horizon telephone systems help you maintain continuity even if something terrible happens like a power outage or flood to the premises. Because all the telephony is carried out on the cloud, you’ll lose nothing and will be able to stay in contact with your staff and customers.

For many businesses hoping to move forward in the next few years, hosted phone systems now form an important part of their day to day operations. Horizon hosted telephony is more flexible, more cost effective and has more future potential than any landline system, providing a secure and responsive platform to improve productivity and stay in contact with those all-important customers.

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