Hosted VOIP Telephony Service - The Benefits

For businesses across the UK, changing to a hosted VOIP telephony service can have a wide range of benefits not least the chance to cut down on those ever rising IT and communication costs.

Communications technology has moved on a pace in the last five years and nowhere is this more visible than with the way we make telephone calls. In the past, businesses were stuck with an inflexible landline and a set of call numbers depending on their location. Even getting extra lines in required booking the right service company to come and do the job, not to mention the additional cost involved.

But with ever increasing connectivity the options for managing your telephony service have broadened considerably. VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, allows you to use the web and, more importantly nowadays, the cloud, to service your hosted VOIP telephony needs. In short, it has opened a whole new way of communicating.

For businesses trying to keep the costs down and develop a flexible communications strategy, the Horizon hosted VOIP telephony systems offer a world of benefits.

  • For a start, your business gets calls at a lower cost. Because you and your staff are using the internet to make phone calls, you are not subject to the costs that come with using a landline, something that is very beneficial particularly if you are making a number of overseas calls. If you are using hosted VOIP telephony you don’t have to pay line rental and you cut down considerably on maintenance and service costs.
  • You can use a range of different devices to run your telephone system, from desk phones to mobiles, and your staff can stay connected whether they are working in the office, from home or travelling to see important clients.
  • You have more control over your phone system and can develop it in a way to suit your business – that means you could have just one number for customers that feeds into your office and ongoing calls that move over between devices in an instant without noticeable delays.
  • Continuity of numbers comes with using a VOIP hosted telephone service which means you can keep your existing number and move it and use it anywhere. So if you relocate to Manchester you can take your Bristol number with you and you don’t have to worry about contacting clients and customers with those new contact details.
  • VOIP hosted telephony provides a whole variety of ways to do things. You don’t have to use a phone to contact people but can take calls on a pc and even mix in instant messaging. You can have messages rerouted to your email as .wav audio files. You can have your faxes sent direct to mail and reduce the amount you spend on printed material. And you can divert calls at the touch of a button.
  • It’s a system that develops with you so that you can add or take away accounts without having to bring in engineers to connect new lines or disconnect old ones. It also means your business is keyed into all the current developments that are due to happen with VOIP including faster speeds and more innovative and productive ways of working.

Connectivity, continuity and flexibility mark the overall benefits of a hosted VOIP telephony service which is why so many businesses, both big and small, are turning to it rather than accessing their calls through old fashioned landlines. It’s easy: A company like Horizon hosted phone systems offers the simple and effective way for businesses to reduce costs and stay connected in today’s modern world.