Improve Employee Engagement

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"Engage with your employees and their new technology to enhance your competitive edge. Utilise their communications knowledge and encompass their devices within your workplace to motivate and inspire them to greater productivity"

Worker Engagement:
Employee engagement, also called worker engagement, is a business management concept. An “engaged employee” is one who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about their work and thus will act in a way that furthers their organization’s interests.

Mobility in Enterprise – The Employer’s Challenge:
Employers are faced with the twin challenge of firstly, a new breed of employee who is used to communicating in a different, more modern way, and secondly employees who spend a lot of time away from the office or who work from home. We can help provide communications tools to help promote employee engagement. Call us today on 0800 064 1999 for more details

Communication Technology – The New breed of workers, new devices:
The new generation of employees have grown up in a communications world dominated by mobile phones and tablets, and communicating via instant messaging, or social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. They expect to communicate within business as they do socially. Yet many organizations ban what has been deemed these personal communication methods for fear of misuse. To discuss these concerns request a call back on our contact form

Unified Communications – Don’t fall behind:
Your new breed of employees will not perform as well in an outmoded communications environment forced upon them. They will function far better in a business that adopts advanced communications tools and who recognizes the value of these experiences to gain a competitive edge. Failure to embrace new communications methods puts your organization at risk of missing new opportunities and falling behind competitors.
Many existing employees are also getting into this new technology and may benefit your business if they could use their own devices at work.

Wi-Fi Access – Secure Networks:
Embrace this new technology, and allow employees use new tools to enhance your business by allowing WI-FI connection in the office for smart phones and tablets. We can deploy a managed, secure, wireless network which will give your staff the ability to use their own smart phones and tablets for business purposes without the risk to business.
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Phone Calls Over Wi-Fi:
We can go further and allow phone calls to be made over this office WIFI network, so that employees who are mobile within the office can be contacted on the mobile without paying for the call, thereby replacing the now dated DECT or ‘walkabout’ cordless phone solution.

Remote Office workers and Home worker – Manage Engagement:
More and more employees are out of the office, and on the move, at least one day a week. So, how can you improve employee engagement?
1. Give employees the same working environment outside the office — whether at home, on the road, or at customer meetings — that they have in the office.
2. Provide the same telephone services and features, as well as access to personal and company data, to any employee who is on the move.

Virtual Private Network (VPNs) – Remote Worker Access:
Provide homeworkers with the communications tools they would have if they were in the office i.e. an IP phone at home, connected to the office by an internet VPN, this will enable you to bring that person directly into the office calling groups.
Enable them to answer incoming group or direct dialed calls as if they were at a desk in the office or call colleagues by dialing their internal extension number (and at no cost) or dial by name from the system directory.

Call Diversion:
If they go out, they can divert to Voicemail at the touch of a button. Any calls made will go over the VPN and out via the office phone system thereby being billed to the office, and sending the employees correct phone number. A call management system or call recorder will record call history or conversations.

You can increase employees’ personal and teamwork productivity, by providing functions like telephony-on-PC, call logs, integration with external applications, such as company directory, and contact card pop-ups.

Knowledge is key for a company’s success, and tools should ideally facilitate information-sharing, and collaboration between employees and customers, through voice, data and even video conferencing; and with an agenda, contacts and task-sharing. We can provide solutions to empower your workers with all these tools, whether they are in the office, at home or on the road.