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Integrated Business Systems – Cisco Networks Select Partner

A BT Openreach Partner"Being a Cisco Select partner we work with one of the largest global communications brands to supply you with quality data communications including smanaged switches, Wi-Fi, routers, firewalls and other security products. This often puts us at the core of our customers networks, and natuarlly complements our IP telephony solutions;

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Data Swiches
Cisco provide a variety of data switches, from 10/100 basic unmanaged switches found at the edge, gigabit managed switches for key workers and multiple – gig fibre switches typically found at the core of the network. If you intend to blend your voice and data netork we can supply these with POE (Power Over Ethernet) to provide power to the IP telephone, thereby avoiding the need to buy seperate power adapters per phone.

Wi-Fi is everywhere. And Cisco’s products are amongst the best and most widely deployed on the market. If you are looking to deploy a Wi-Fi network, we can provide a site survey to determine the number and location of access points as well as advising you of the most suitable products and consultancy on management and security for your Wi-Fi.
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Security and Management
It is vital that your data is secure, and our data specialists can advise you on management of your LAN and security for your data.

Deploy the Market Leader
Cisco products have an enviable product brand. Their solutions whetjer IP Telephony, data, security, routing are all the most widely deployed in the world, making them pretty much no. 1 across the board. There is a certain saftey in numbers, and certainly this is true if you want a data solution from a company that will hav ethe capability to support ypur products and contiinue developing them long into the future. And Cisco products dont always come at a premium price – there are often deals and promotions available that can allow us to provide Cisco solutions cheaper than some of the other brands.

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