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»» Integrated BSL and Gamma – VoIP and SIP Provision

Gamma Telecom working with Integrated BSL"By partnering with Gamma, Integrated Business Systems can provide you with a range of high quality internet services and streamlined communications. This enables us to offer a comprehensive range of voice and data services to deliver a robust communications infrastructure at all times for your company"

The Gamma and Integrated BSL Partnership

One Number, One Solution
Managing your communications becomes much simpler when you choose Integrated Business Solutions. Our relationship with Gamma means your IBSL account manager processes your requests leaving you to concentrate on your business.

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VoIP Provision
As a Gamma telecom Partner we can offer Voice over IP (VoIP) communication by utilizing SIP trunks over internet connections and order the required level of band width. You don’t even have to change your phone numbers when you move to our VoIP product.
To ensure that the correct bandwidth is deployed we will assess the bandwidth you require to support the number of expected calls and future demand to ensure consistency of service.

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Voice Connectivity
Our partnership with Gamma also ensures that we can connect you to their leading SIP trunking service and IP backbone. This guarantees a full PSTN connectivity and is available via DSL or Ethernet connection.

SIP Trunking
Providing Gammas SIP trunking service enables to offer the benefits of multiple UK numbers that can be delivered into one single service centre. Where local area presence is important for customer service or for generating business, we can provide on geographic inbound number solutions such as 0800, 0844, 0300 etc which will help encourage callers to contact you from marketing material. For both these Non geographic phone numbers and our VoIP phone numbers, customers will have access to a portal which will allow them to access reports on their inbound calls (how many, where from and when callers rang), as well as having the ability to route their calls to a different number or record and play a greeting callers hear before they are connected – all on the fly from any web connection.

As part of our partnership program we are able to support you if your company relocates. VoIP numbers can always be moved to another address.This means no expensive call forwarding services.

Cost Efficiency
A Gamma partnership lower line rental and services such as DDI rental and free of charge CLIP (caller Line Identify Presentation). There are also lowers operational costs associated with phone line installation when using SIP compared to ISDN2 or 30 for new sites.

‘Local Presence’
We can provide you with an UK STD phone numbers outside of just your local STD code, which can help promote a ‘local’ presence in other areas of the UK. Likewise in conjunction with Gamma we can also provide on geographic inbound number solutions such as 0800, 0844, 0300 etc. which will help encourage callers to contact you from marketing material

Flexible Numbering
Where SIP trunking has been installed, we are able to provide you with flexible numbering that for example allow you to work from London on a Glasgow number.

Disaster Recovery
Integrated businesses provision of ‘IP DirectConnect’ means that we can provide you with a resilient, disaster recovery phone system and service able to cope with any emergency. When used with ISDN lines resilience will be improved by utilizing two different sets of phone lines which can each be diverted to the other if one fails.

For extra security there is also an IPhone app which will invoke a DR plan in an emergency in a matter of seconds, for more information request a call back