IP Cortex

»» Integrated BSL and ipcortex – Two companies, one team

IP-Cortex"As an ipcortex business partner, Integrated Business Systems is able to offer the cutting-edge range of ipcortex PABX systems. These advanced unified communications systems have been developed for ‘on-premise’ and ‘in the cloud’ applications"

The Integrated BSL and ipcortex partnership

Quality of Service
ipcortex is a UK based company with a strong 10 year history who train and educate selected resellers to ensure the highest quality of IP PBX installation and service. Integrated Business is proud to be part of this as it ensures that our engineers possess up-to-date knowledge and skills to deliver the uppermost quality of service.

Technology and Development
The development of ‘cloud computing’ and rise of ‘unified communications’ has escalated the demand for communications systems capable of accessing and delivering these features.
ipcortex has been at the forefront of embracing this rapidly evolving technology resulting in the VoIPCortex IP PBX range reaching the Comms Business Award finals this year. We chose ipcortex as a partner because they are so dedicated to product development, likewise they chose us as working partners because of our high quality delivery of service.

Service & technology offerings

Small Business Phone Systems
Integrated Business Systems and ip cortex offer unified solutions for small businesses who need a full set of features but without a per user license fee. The VoIPCortex-DS-Compact is perfect for small firms, as it enables them to access cost effectively the following:
• Video calling and Unified Messaging
• E-mail and web-based access to voicemails.
• Fax to e-mail and remote working

»» To discover the whole range of available features refer to the VoIPCortex-DS-Compact or call us on 0800 064 1999

Medium Sized Business Systems
The VoIPCortex-DS-Standard-IBS is an innovative communication system for medium sized business with around 150 users. This system offers advanced call management, call recording, hot desking and hunt groups as standard. The advanced functionality reduces operation costs since its advanced features can be accessed when required.

To identify which IP PBX systems would be most suitable for your needs, take a look at our System Comparison Matrix. If you are still unsure or have any further questions then don’t hesitate to contact our sales team via our enquiry form

Further Products

Multiple Branch Companies
For the company with multiple branches the VoIP Cortex Multi-Tenant IP PBX provides users with a flexible and functional telecoms service cost-effectively. This system can be routed through ISDN or VoIP and is suitable for up to 1200 users plus up to 100 tenants. It also grants free internal calls where suitable network connectivity exists.
For further features visit VoIP Cortex DS Multi-Tenant IP PBX or call for a quote on 0800 064 1999

High end Enterprise
For companies who demand a high performance communication system for up to 1200 users which offers mobile twinning. This system also offers conference bridge facilities for 50 attendees. The VoIP Pro IP PBX is the professional’s choice so for more details visit VoIPCortex-DS-Professional.