Call Management and Call Recording

»» Call Management Software: Call Handling to Keep Customers Happy

Your company’s communication requirements are unique and require a profession call management solution to build and protect you customer relationships. Because we appreciate each company is different, we tailor our customer interaction solutions and provide user friendly, versatile applications designed to deliver a personalized customer service. To discover how we achieve this, read about our work at Latham House, one of the largest multiple surgeries on site, download the PDF: Latham House Case Study

Call Priority: Boost business efficiency by linking your phone system to the database or CRM system and prioritize your VIP customer calls, directing them to their dedicated manager instantly. To personalise communication further program ‘pop-up’ on-screen customer records when a named client rings in. Blank contact records can also be programmed to appear when a new contact calls, ready to be populated in order to expand the database and increase efficiency. Learn how Welsh Water improved clients’ call experience, download the PDF: Welsh Water Case Study

Professional Greeting: Create a better customer experience with professional greetings to reassure customers they have reached the right place. During busy periods the program will keep them informed of their queue position, that their call is important and when it will be answered. To discover how Hampshire Hotels transformed their guests’ experience with an Alcatel-Lucent Read this: Hampshire Hotels PDF and then call us today on 0800 064 1999 discover how we can help you.

Call Routing: Manage and increase your sales staff’s availability. Don’t miss an order with efficient call routing by using single contact numbers to reach your sales people, whether they are in the office, on the road or at home. To discuss your needs and see how your company can benefit.
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Single Contact Calls: Enable customers to contact sales staff promptly when placing orders or making enquiries, with single numbers for both mobiles and landlines. For enterprises with lower call volumes, basic greeting solutions such as the Automated Attendant can significantly reduce the number of unanswered calls and reduce average call waiting times.

Telephone Call Recording: Voice recording is often deployed to track telephone calls in order to settle disputes and satisfy legal or FSA requirements. However it also gives a reliable and impartial witness to everyday calls which can also be used to foster superior customer service through staff training. A cost-effective, modern telephone recording solutions is now within easy reach irrespective of the size and nature of your organisation. Can your business afford to be without a call recording solution that’s cost-effective, fit-for-purpose and which delivers tangible, measurable benefits? If not don’t delay, email us today for the solutions fit for your business.

non geographical-numbersSmart Call Encouragement: We can supply 0800 / 0845 / 0330 or other non-geographic numbers to encourage new customers to call you rather than your competitors. Additionally phone numbers with STD codes that are out of your area can be provided to suggest locality e.g. A company based in Coventry could have a Northampton code to generate additional business from that area

Customer Access: Today’s business environment is highly competitive and you need to differentiate yourself from the competition by delivering superior customer call management. Excellent marketing generates leads but if you phone system lets you down, vital opportunities will be lost. Integrated Business Systems has the precise telephony technology for professional call management delivery so call us today on 0800 064 1999