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Call mobility

"Call mobility is a key part of communications for any organisation in the modern business structure. Employees based both internally and externally need to be contactable; therefore it is essential the correct solution is in place to ensure that important calls are not missed"

Salesman taking a calln whilst outDirect Dial -Keeping in Contact:
If your requirement is for employees or key personnel to be available on the phone when they are in the work place or on the move then using the Intelligent Base Stations for DECT connectivity or a WLAN infrastructure for voice calls of Wi-Fi this is easily achievable with Alcatel-Lucent or Cisco solutions.
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DectDirect Dial Inward:
Direct Dial features are available on customers’ private branch exchange (PBX) to allow for direct inward call routing to each extension. This limits the number of subscriber lines you require in order to satisfy your average usage. With DDIs and self-election options the PBX can route the call directly to the desired telephone extension within the organization without the need for an operator or attendant.

Instant Communicator AppDirect Dial Numbers – Never Miss a Call Again:
Ensuring that any important calls are not missed is a huge requirement for business. The Instant Communicator Smart Phone Application for home or field based workers will notify them of any missed calls to their DDI and of any voicemails left for them. The Alcatel-Lucent telephone systems can also be primed to place a call to the employee at predetermined intervals to notify them that they have unheard messages.

Implementing single contact numbers for your account managers means that calls can be pointed to and forwarded to mobiles or other landlines
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Remote office worker on call mobilityTelephony solutions – Remote Office Workers:
For remote workers or field based employees then the Instant Communicator Smart Phone Application is the perfect choice. Allowing users of the application to interrogate company directories for contact information of other employees, customers and suppliers and subsequently instruct the telephone system to make the call for them providing presence within the office at all times.

Office access on call mobilityFull Office Mobility:
Full office mobility can be achieved by utilising the Alcatel-Lucent Remote Access Point (RAP) solution. Connecting over the internet to a controller within the main business premises, the RAP provides the remote worker/office with an organisation specific Wi-Fi connection. This permits controlled access to secure company data as well as providing connectivity for IP phones and internal extensions.

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