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Cloud services and hosted IP provided by IBSL

"The popularity of ‘cloud’ services has increased exponentially over the last couple of years, as a result of much faster Internet connection speeds that make it possible to host voice and data services off-site. Hosted telephony provides a flexible and reliable service with low upfront costs especially for small businesses"

Hosted Telephony cuts operational costs at IBSLHOSTED TELEPHONY: IP telephony hosted systems differ greatly from the ‘traditional’ on-site system. The system hardware is housed at our hosting facility and the service is provided via the internet across leased lines. We provide Options for renting services, telephones and/or the systems which will effectively diminishing your capital outlay.
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Hosted PBXHOSTED PBX: Virtual PBX migration eliminates the need for PBX equipment on site. Instead functionality is delivered as a service over PSTN lines and/or the internet. Abolition of on-site maintenance costs and cheaper intra-company calls also reduces day to day operational costs.

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IP-PBX for advanced comms by IBSLIP-PBX HOSTED: Hosted IP-PBX service uses internet data bandwidth instead of PSTN lines to provide superior PBX functionality. This facilitates unlimited extensions and multiple advanced features including, auto attendant, business voicemail and ‘follow-me’ functions irrespective of whether your company is a ‘virtual’ business’ or ‘bricks and mortar’.
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IP PBX allows you to control how and where calls arrive on Multi-sites from IBSLBENEFITS: Hosted Telephone Systems provide a central connection for multi-site businesses without separate on-site phone systems at each location plus an impressive range of features and benefits some of which include:

  • The latest software and hardware updates as standard
  • Freedom from local events disruption e.g. bad weather or component failure
  • Multiple numbers from many different area codes, not just local ones
  • Portable non-geographical numbers and directed one number to multiple sites available
  • Business of all sizes have access to features traditionally only available to large enterprises
  • Controlling the way calls come into your business, and how your staff handle them, through an easy-to-use web interface
  • Call recording and call conferencing

IBSl provide a range of hosted telephony servicesSOLUTIONS: We provide a range of hosted telephony solutions for businesses of all sizes. with a choice of leading brand hard or software. Choose from ‘standard’ or ‘premium’ features depending upon your needs, simply delivered via an Internet connection (that we provide) and billed on a monthly ‘per-user’ basis.

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