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"The move to IP telephony has been the most extensive evolution to the office telephone system over the last 10 years. Such systems extend reliable voice communication services to employees whether they are at headquarters, at branches, home or mobile"

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IP Telephone systems (Cisco & Alcatel-Lucent) installed by IBSLIP Telephone Systems:

High-speed Internet connections availability and the popularity of consumer Telephony products e.g. Skype means that IP Telephony is becoming first choice for businesses. IP Telephony is very flexible that it allows you to cost-effectively expand the system as your business grows.

VoIP, hosted VoIP and pbx systems- Installation and maintenance contracts by IBSLTelephone VoIP:

Voice over Internet Protocol (aka Voice over IP, VoIP and IPT) takes advantage of an Internet-type connection to make and receive phone calls rather than using a traditional telephone line. IP phone systems will increase the flexibility and productivity of your business whilst reducing operational costs especially when adding new lines. To learn more contact us today

IP Telephony Solutions - Consultancy and Installation by IBSLIP Telephony Solutions:

Integrated BSL installs Alcatel IP Touch, Cisco IP phones and IP Cortex as part of their IP telephony range. Our experienced consultants will work with you to understand your business needs and ensure that you have the correct IP telephone for your business. Whether you want call recording, call conferencing or instant messaging we have an IP phone system, IP security and SIP trunks to support your requirements. Call us on 0800 064 1999 today to find out more.

Free intersite telephony available from IBSLStaying Connected:

IP telephone systems enable employees to work remotely and access all the features and services of the office phone system using a simple Internet connection. Multiple offices can also be connected via the Internet resulting in free inter-site telephone calls and easier sharing of features, resources and workload. For more information on staying connected go to Virtual Numbers

SIP trunk- SIP VoIP to further your comms capability, by IBSLSIP Trunks:

Broaden your business horizons with multiparty calls, video conferencing, Call recording, presence messaging and instant messaging whilst cutting line and call costs. SIP trunking extends the possibilities of IP telephony and offers you greater functionality access. To discuss this call us on 0800 064 1999