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Unified CommunicationsWhat is Unified Communication? Unified communications is the integration of real-time and non-real time communication services. Real-time facilities include IP Telephony, VoIP, Video Conferencing, data sharing, call control and speech recognitions whereas non-real time services comprise of integrated voicemail, email, SMS and fax.

Unified communications conveniently brings together a number of vial business applications into one place

Benefits of Unified Communication

Benefits of Unified CommunicationsBusiness Efficiency: Unified Communications (UC) optimises business processes and enables companies, individuals and teams within them to work more efficiently. Users can access all messages on any device they are working on irrespective of the sender’s device. In the past users would have accessed several different systems in order to send and receive information.

VoIP now offers you the advantage of Unified Communications over high speed Internet connections with IP Touch phones
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Video ConferencingReduce Costs:
Building effective relationships is essential to business but it can be difficult to meet with staff and clients who are based in multiple locations. High Quality Video communication over comes this and with Alcatel-Lucent can be available at every user’s desktop thus reducing operational costs and traveling.
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You can also access this information from a device of your choice; a PC, a smart phone, a multimedia desktop telephone or a tablet computer. Faster Internet connections, Wi-Fi, see Wired and Wireless LAN, 3G Internet via a mobile phone and the advances in Voice over IP telephony all add up to make it easier than ever to access information from multiple sources.

My TeamworkTeam Collaboration:
Unification of devices such as telecommunication systems, data communication networks, mobile telecommunications services, Video Conferencing enables diverse and dispersed teams to collaborate on projects more effectively.

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Integrated Communication:
Now voice, email, fax, Instant Messaging, video and social networks can be accessed via one easy-to-use interface allowing you and your employees to work faster and more efficiently.
What is unified communications
Delivering voice and UC solutions requires more than just basic network connectivity. IntegratedBSL provides a complete set of switching and routing solutions that help organizations implement IP telephony and UC solutions while leveraging their existing network infrastructures. We can supply a range of well-known, quality brands communication systems including Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and hosted.
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Hosted Unified CommunicationsHosted Unified Communications:
Reduce your overall operational and capital expenditure by having hosted Unified Communications. Hosted means no expensive equipment to purchase so limiting initial outlay whilst at the same time having access to upgrades without any major disruptions to your system.

Better Customer Service:
Unified communications enhance communications by reducing latency therefore subsequently improves communication response times amongst employees and also between the business and customers.

IntegratedBSL provides Unified Communications to organisations and businesses of all sizes. From simple Computer-Telephony integration (i.e. dial from Outlook) to fully-fledged multi-media contact centres we have a solution to suit your needs. By offering a free consultancy visit we can learn how your business works and recommend a Unified Communication solution to help you to stay ahead of the competition.
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