Wired and Wireless LAN

»» LAN and WLAN –The backbone of fast and reliable IT & Telephone systems

Managed and secure Wi-Fi access for increased for guest and BYOD access from IBSL

"Local Area Networks (LAN) are the medium by which computers, telephones, printers share information whilst Wireless Local Area networks (WLAN) provide greater mobility, local network coverage area and connection to your network for employees or guests. We only supply and install sturdy LAN, WLAN and high quality access points. Likewise we also ensure network designs are not only robust but installed correctly to meet your network and security demands for the devices connected to it"

Access all areas for Byod for your guests by IBSLMobile Device Management- BYOD and WLAN Guest Software:
Wi-Fi demand is set to grow as visitors and employees increasingly bring their own computing devices e.g. tablets, smart phones and laptops into your business environment. WLAN Guest Management Software enables you to keep pace with these changes. To understand how this can support your business
» Visit: OmniAccess Guest Management and Alcatel Data-Network Infrastructure (Red Section) for more in-depth technical detail.

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Wireless CommunicationWhat is LAN?:
LAN are computer networks covering small geographic areas i.e. single offices, group of offices and buildings. They connect office devices and communication systems traditionally using wired structured cabling however wireless LAN is now taking over due to quicker connection speeds and greater security. For help upgrading to faster connections, complete a contact form and request a call back.

Wired and Wireless SolutionsWired and Wireless Solutions:
We provide solutions for both the wired and the wireless LAN using high-quality equipment and installation practices from industry leading vendors. To ensure your network is operating to its maximum capability then
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Wired Networks – Our Solutions
You can have a structured cabling solution to the highest industry standards as we install Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6a, which are the most popular choices for businesses of all sizes.
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WLAN-Wireless-LANWLAN – Wireless LAN:
Access Points connect to the wired network from a fixed location using standard structured cabling, in a typical wireless LAN configuration. The access point acts as a bridge between the wireless LAN and the wired network infrastructure. LAN is accessed through wireless-LAN adapters, by end users, installed in their computers.

Wireless LAN Solutions for SchoolsWireless LAN Products – WAP / Wireless Access Points:
We supply simple wireless LAN solutions that provide an Access Point which acts as a plug-and-play format when connected to an existing wired network. They may or may not include client LAN adaptors. More advanced solutions function as stand-alone all in one networking systems which can provide cable/dsl router, switch, DHCP and firewall technology together with an Access Point. For more detailed product specification:
» Check out Alcatel OmniAccess WLANs (Right-hand Turqouise Section)

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Access PointsAccess Points: We can provide a range of Access Point solutions ranging from a single fixed access point that can support a small group of users with a function a range of less than one hundred to those covering several hundred feet

Instant Access Point: Virtual controllers allows any IAP to be a controller hence no need for a dedicated one. Not only is the ‘One-Touch’ provisioning and configuration available but it retains centralised management and security features.

Remote Access Point (RAP): We deliver secure corporate wireless (RAPs) to branch offices and homes which are fast to set up and easy to manage centrally at the main office by the controller.

» For in-depth detailed product information on Dual, Single, Remote and Instant Access points visit Alcatel Data-Network Products (Bottom-left Turquoise Section) or
CISCO Information Sheet on Indoor Access Points

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Wireless NetworksWireless Networks – Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and many others
The best designs and solutions to meet your wireless networks needs arise from identifying your requirements. We will sit down with you to draft and design the best solutions that meet your needs to deliver a solution that is fast, reliable and secure. We only use the best industry leading equipment available in the market today to ensure this.

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WAPDedicated Controllers:
For larger deployments a dedicated controller is required to manage and control the Access Points. A controller based solution allows for central management of all Access Points. Any changes to the wireless policy are deployed to the Access Points by the controller. Our advice is free so call us to find out if this is for you on 0800 064 1999.

Bridge multi-sitesScalability
Wireless LAN solutions can be designed for both small and large single site offices, Warehouses and multi-site WAN connected Offices. Your wireless LAN deployments can be expanded by adding more access points and also Wireless LAN adapters to any non-wireless client devices. Wireless bridges can be used to bridge multiple-building LANs without the need or monthly cost of a leased line.

Wi-Fi access pointsCost – WAPs
Prior to Wireless networks, setting up a network system involved extensive cabling which required timetabling installations to avoid disruption, this was costly to all involved and was greatly increased by the extensive labour costs.

Wi-Fi access points and WLANs are now cost effective since using radio waves to send signals reduces both material and labour costs. This also limits the issues with wiring environments such as Schools, Hospitals, Campuses, Temporary space and Listed buildings.

Wi-Fi SolutionsPortability
Moving physical locations is much easier with Wireless LAN systems than wired. We aim to reduce your organisations total cost of ownership so this is excellent solution for businesses that are on the move or have transient premises.

wlan Wireless networkSpeed
Wireless LAN speeds and standards are evolving rapidly; substantial speeds of in excess of 300Mbps are now available using the wireless ‘N’ Standard which is suitable for most company requirements.
N.B. We may occasional advise on wired connections where large data transfers and high network bandwidths are required

Wireless MobilityMobility
Wireless LAN systems allow LAN users to access network information anywhere in their organization. This gives you mobility where ever your office is on site so you don’t experience dropout.

Network securityNetwork Security – WEP Encryption
Wireless access has special security considerations owing to the range of guests and staff with BYODs who will connect to your network. Authorisation coding and WEP keys are available but depend on the type of system.

The best method for wireless traffic encryption depends on your needs, especially if you are using or intend to install wireless access points therefore a consultation is fully recommended. To discuss your needs.

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