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Alcatel-Lucent Omnitouch – Improving Call Performance


Call Performance -IBSL

"The contact centre is your strategic resource between the customer and your brand, and you need to be sure that the quality of your customer calls exceeds their expectations by having them answered promptly and courteously"

Call Centre Management - IBSLCall Management: The ‘Alcatel Lucent Advanced Reporting package’ captures and processes all call traffic, and call information stored within the system. This provides data about call flow, call overflow and call abandonment. Information for current day or specified dates also enables managers to pinpoint specific resource allocation issues and performance problems affecting customer service delivery. Read more about this today in Advanced Reporting Packages

Call statisticsCall Statistics: Call metrics can be either presented in tables or graphs, and can also be easily printed out in a pre-defined statistic printout for employee reviews and management meetings. Pre-defined reports are available for call volume, frequency, duration/agent, in-queue duration and average number of calls taken. Likewise the average conversation length for each agent is also available.

call supervisionCall Monitoring: This software provides supervisors with real-time monitoring of incoming calls to determine how well calls are being managed by identifying the average number of calls waiting and the length of time for call waiting. This also offers supervisors an overview of service levels and permits them to anticipate incoming-call flow.

Call centre solutions for Inbound calls from IBSLCall Centre Solutions: The image of your company depends on your agents’ ability to answer customer calls pleasantly and efficiently.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Integrated Contact Centre provides SMEs with a professional solution to manage each inbound call.
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