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Deliver customer satisfaction by owning customer experiences with IBSL

"In today’s competitive business environment, you need to own and manage your customer experiences. You pay good money on marketing to encourage customers to call you, so improve their call satisfaction by eliminating unnecessary call-delays or unanswered calls"

Avoid missed  sales calls with 'on the road calls' by IBSLInbound Calls: Increase customer satisfaction and retention by managing their call experience. Channel incomming enquiries to the correct departments or sales manager wherever they are. With a new telephone system you can ensure calls are directed to the correct section or person and by using interactive voice response (IVR), pointing numbers to call groups or by providing touchtone menu options you will dramatically improve call experience. To learn more ring us on 0800 064 1999

Avoid call queues with self select options from IBSLDirect Dial In: Enable your clients to self-select the department they require, instead of waiting in call queues or for call redirection whilst simultaneously releasing staff from working as adhoc receptionists. To find out more about how we can improve your call routing, contact us at today.

Direct Dial and touchtone menue options to direct calls efficienctly with IBSLCall Forwarding: Ensure your customers can reach their intended contact or leave a message by using ‘touchtone menu options’. Call forwarding to mobiles and ‘follow me’ features are available with the Alcatel OmniPCX range, to learn more download the PDF

Personalise communications to make clients feel welcome with IBSLClient Engagement: Deepen customer engagement and loyalty by personalising your client communications. Have client details visible the moment they call in by integrating their database details with an Alcatel-Lucent telephone system. For further details on how to make your clients feel like VIPs, call us on 0800 064 1999

Monitor and Improve call response times with IBSLCall Logging: Track group or agent response times to customer in order to improve call quality and provide evidence for improving or defending call response times. For further information on managing call quality go to call performance or call management

Call recording to protect your business from IBSLCall Handling: Train your staff in how to speak to customers appropriately, whilst also providing feedback for staff reviews. Call recording can be placed ‘on demand’ and stored as a sound file into your voice mail box or as an attachment on an email and we can supply software that encrypts and archives to prevent changes being made to the evidence. Discover more options and features that will suit you by calling our Account Managers today on 0800 064 1999.