Maximise Marketing Response

»» Choose Your Business Number – Geographic numbers, Virtual or Portable Numbers

"Smart numbers are more than just a number, since they give the impression of being a bigger company and also make you more memorable. This increases advertising campaign response rates because customers only ever have to recall one number for your business and sales team "

Generate Sales enquiries and campaign responses through the following:

Non-Geographic numbers from IBSLNon-Geographical Numbers:
Give your business the feel of being a sizeable quality company and create the impression of locality with non-geographical numbers. Virtual numbers such as 0800/0845/0330 numbers eliminate perceived distance from enquiries and create a local feel instead. Find out how by calling us on 0800 064 1999.

Simple 0800, 0845 and 0330 for clients to remember from IBSLMemorable Numbers
Standout and gain competitive advantage by being prominent in a crowded marketplace. Use 0800/0845/0330 to make it easy for customers to recall your number

Phone codes for regional market campaigns from IBSLGeographic Numbers:
Segment and Target specific geographical areas using STD codes in marketing campaigns and see an increase in response rates of up to 70% with 0800 numbers

Free 0800 Numbers from Integrated BSLFreephone 0800 numbers:
Increase call opportunities with free-phone numbers since research shows consumers perceive you to be more customer friendly if calls are not charged

IBSL can provide one number for Multi-sitesNumber Flexibility:
Use one number for Multi-Sites, making it easier for clients to reach you whilst offering options for different sites through the use of an auto-attendant. Inbound calls can also be set up for forwarding to designated numbers at specific sites or to alternative sites at preselected times of the day or week

IBSL numbers are portablePortable Number:
Relocating? There is no need to change your 0800 number thus avoiding disruption and costs associated with moving to a different geographical area since non geographic numbers provide you with national coverage irrespective of location

Virtual Numbers:
Encourage customers to call you with a virtual number set up for calls at the price of a local call and make it easy for them to contact you by giving them just one easy number to remember. Since a virtual number is not directly associated with a specific telephone line, it can also be set up for mobile heads of your organisation irrespective of where they are based.