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Data Management- Fast networks by IBSL

"Are your business data networks fast enough or accessible to mobile employees? Corporate and enterprise workplaces are swiftly developing virtual desks as workers become more mobile, work from home or are based in satellite locations. Employees are now also increasingly ‘day-extenders’ also which requires far superior network topology for them to access office communications"

Integrated BSL can provide remote workers with a RAP (Remote Access Point) which connects their notebook and establishes a secure VPN connection with their company network. From any internet connection, they can access files and programs

Network Performance Management  by IBSLNETWORK PERFORMANCE: Slow networks wastes valuable company time and denies access to new features e.g. instant communications and video conferencing. The first generation IP phones 100Mb Ethernet ports, if ‘daisy chained’ from your PC, will have been throttling your PC’s LAN speed to a max of 100Mb, causing a data bottleneck. We install fast, reliable data networks using Cat5e, Cat6a and high bandwidth fiber optics with performance monitoring. Determine whether your network speed can support new technology access and extended facilities e.g. Unified Communication.
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Byod security provided by IBSLBYOD (Security and Speed): Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) by employees at work has increased with IT consumerism and includes laptops, smart phones and tablets. Click BYOD – A new communication era to learn more.

BYODs affect wireless data networks bandwidth and can compromise your company security, so what can you do? We suggest and provide WIFI networks with security encryption, to allow your staff to bring their devices onto your network and under your control. Our expertise and experience will speed up your network and tighten security.Contact us now for free network evaluation, fill in contact form and send your query.

Network SwitchesNETWORK SWITCHES: Choosing from Alcatel Lucent and Cisco we can deploy fast data switches, eg Gigabit to the desktop and 10 Gig server uplinks with the use of a ServerMania Dedicated Server Hosting with built in Power Over Ethernet (POE) for you IP phones which can also have a 1 Gig ‘daisy chain’ connection from your pc. Switches can be unmanaged or managed if you wish to allocate certain users more performance or set rules.

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Wifi control - Avoid bandwith throttlingWI-FI NETWORKS: WIFI devices are overtaking wired ones and thus increasing Wi-Fi access demand. Therefore, for many greenfield sites it makes sense to sidestep most conventional cabled networks in favor of Wi-Fi.

We install WIFI networks with security and encryption, enabling you to bring any device on to your network but under your control. We can also add guest WIFI, with throttled back bandwidth and rules, so guests wont impact on your staffs’ needs.
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Network maintenance provided by IBSLNETWORK MANAGEMENT: Ensure your network continously performs efficiently with our superior service contracts, health-checks, and management software. For more information on this and range of options » Go to Tailored Support Contracts or call us on 0800 064 1999 for details of plans

Wi-Fi access points - extended enterprise mobility with IBSLWI-FI REMOTE ACCESS POINTS: Remote Access Points are wireless networking devices meant for remote or teleworkers to utilize when away from the main office. We can provide remote your workers with a RAP (Remote Access Point) which will connect to their notebook. This will allow a secure VPN connection with the company network from any internet connection and allowing access to all files and programs.

Increase network performance with network health checks by IBSLNETWORK SUPPORT: Our management software will determine usage of the network, and highlight any trouble spots. Our support centre is manned by qualified engineers therefore with our service contract you have access to a knowledgeable professional should your data network fall over.

Cat5e & cat5e gigabit cable, Cat6 cables and fibre optic cable installed by IBSLCABLING REQUIREMENTS: We also provide CAT5e/6 cabling, and high bandwidth fibre optic deployments to complete the Data service we can provide our customers. For more information visit CAT 5e/6 Cabling page