Resilient Communications

»» Dual Processing and Switch Redundancy to Reduce Communication Vulnerability

Reduce communication vulnerability with IBSL

"Your organization is dependent on a solid, reliable telecommunication system to conduct business successfully. We appreciate how important it is that solutions we provide do not fail since this can have grave consequences for managing business sales and contacts. If communications do fail then you need them to be recovered as quickly as possible, we therefore actively encourage fail-over backup implementation and tailored support"

Communication network resilience delivered by IBSLEnhanced Resilience: Avoiding problems in the first place is key to preventing communications from falling over, we therefore advocate that businesses:

  • Identify, review and prioritize communication activities
  • Select qualified telecommunications engineers
  • Adopt layered fallback arrangements
  • Ensure a diversity of technical solutions

To ensure resilience you need experienced engineers and we only employ qualified staff who can steer you around the pitfalls. We only use tried and trusted methods where practical and therefore encourage customers to take additional steps to improve resilience as outlined below:

System backup with redundance CPUs from IBSLDual Processing:
We can install a redundant CPU which can be used if the primary fails. Depending on the scenario, a redundant CPU can kick in immediately when the primary fails, without even disconnecting current phone calls.

Combine VoIP and ISDN to enhance Comms backup, by IBSLAlternate Routing:
We can provide VoIP phone lines and ISDN on the same phone system platform to provide failover, so that if the VoIP fails, ISDN will become a failover, and vice versa.

Disaster recovery plans for failover provided by IBSLDR Plans:
At carrier level we can set up DR plans to keep calls routing to you even when your phone lines fail. There is even an iPhone app which will allow you to put your DR plan into effect within seconds.

Get notified with IBSL carrier alertsAlert Notification:
To ensure a resilient communication system you need proactive support. Since we receive carrier alerts we can provide you with a very proactive support service. This means in the event of network problems, or notification of forthcoming work/events, we can launch pre-emptive action to minimize any disruption.