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"Phone hacking is now big business and on the rise in the UK. Both businesses and organisations are being targeted daily with £1,000’s of pounds being stolen. The cost of Toll fraud is now five times higher than credit card theft and masterminded by powerful criminal gangs and terrorists"

Callista Anti-Phreaking 24/7 software is state of the art protection, now available for your Alcatel-Lucent phone system from Integrated Business Systems

Telephone Fraud – What is it?

Toll fraud occurs when your telecoms system is used to make outbound calls without permission and at your expense. Also known as ‘dial through fraud’ or phreaking, hacking often originates overseas. Computers are used to hijack company phone systems and expensive international calls are routed over it.

To learn how one council got caught with a £30,000 phone bill, watch the video below:

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Why Your Phone System Is At Risk:

Weak voicemail PIN numbers and unused phone mailboxes/lines leave PABX systems vulnerable to hacking and toll fraud.

Targeting often occurs out of hours and at weekends when no one is in the office. Even telecom companies aare not immune (see BBC news report below). This company received a £16,000 phone bill, to find out more, click on the image below.


Courtesy of BBC News

Minimise Your Risk

To reduce your risk then:

1. Make sure that no users have obvious passwords such as 0000 or 1234
2. Delete unused mailboxes especially when employees leaves your company
3. Review your call billing frequently but be aware this will not prevent hacking.
4. Upgrade your system to include Callista Anti-Phreaking protection for 24 hour protection
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Minimise your risk

If you don’t know how to protect your system we will happily discuss the options with you.
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The Alcatel-Lucent Callista Alliance

Alcatel-Lucent announced in March 2012 that the Callista’s Control Phreak was available as an added solution to the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX™ Office RCE range to help protect its clients from telephone hackers.

With the Callista’s Control Phreak voice security system you make the rules and Callista kills the calls. With 24/7 surveillance Callista never sleeps!
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Callista Alliance

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